Teen Pick: Monsters of Men

Monsters of Men by Patrick Ness

War makes monsters of men. If you've read the other books in this series you've heard it before and now you get to see just how true it is.

Monsters of Men starts off with a bang, almost literally, wasting notime starting off where the last book ended: with the beginning of the Second Spackle war. It's up to Todd and Viola to save the New World as
war ravishes the planet once more. Tough decisions have to be made as once more Todd and Viola are separated as Todd stays back to watch over the Mayor while Viola gets to the settler ship. Does Todd let the Mayor go in hopes he'll lead the army. Should Viola launch a missile and start a full fledge war in order to save Todd? And most importantly, which side will come out the victors?

Monsters of Men was an exciting read. Like the second book in the trilogy you get to see the story through both Todd and Viola's eyes, narrated in such a way that you feel like your there inside their heads as these things happen. The difference is in this book you get a unique perspective, seeing things through the eyes of the Spackle Todd let free in the last book, 1017. Characters die and unexpected decisions are made. If you liked the rest of this series, you'll definitely enjoy Monsters of Men. It manages to stay well-paced and interesting throughout the entire book, moving in unpredictable ways.

It introduces new characters you can't help but fall in love with, such as Bradley and Simone and sheds a whole new light on ones we've met numerous times. All in all, Monsters of Men was a great conclusion to an amazing series, managing to tie up all loose ends in a clear and well thought through way, unlike some books *COUGH* Mockingjay *COUGH*.

Advanced Reader Copy reviewed by: Maya (8th grade) for Writer's Block

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