Attention all artists, writers, poets, and creative thinkers!

Remember that time you wrote that thing in English class and you thought, ‘Hey, this is actually pretty good, I should show it to someone’? Submit it to Bridges!

Remember that time in math class, when you were supposed to be learning quadratic functions, but instead you drew a hilarious caricature of your math teacher? Submit it to Bridges!

Remember that time you submitted a short story, poem or piece of artwork to Bridges? No? Then you should! Right now!

Are you between the ages of 13 and 18? Do you know how to put words or lines together to form nice artwork, coherent poems or decent stories?

Submit these coherent words or pretty lines to Bridges, the Cherry Hill Library’s new teen art and literary zine, today!


That's right, CHPL is starting up a literary 'zine for teens. We want your stories, essays, comics, artwork/photography (must be black-and-white), and poetry! Our first issue will debut in Winter 2011, so start sending your stuff in now!

Submission forms are at the Cherry Hill Public Library Youth Desk, but you can also e-mail your submissions to bridgeszine [at] gmail [dot] com. Check out the Bridges website for submission guidelines and more information!


Staff Picks: New Releases

Looking for a good read? CHPL has got! You! Covered! We've hand-picked our favorite new fall releases, check them out! (...literally...)

 A girl wakes up in skeleton face paint slumped over a subway seat, with absolutely no memory of how she got there. Sure, before she went to rehab this would have been just another Sunday morning. But when she sees the words "HELP ME" drawn into her chest, she knows there's something strange going on. Miss Melissa says, "Like The Hangover, but not funny."

What would you do if you had the house to yourself for six months -- no parents, no rules, unlimited funds? Hot tub parties? Junk food for breakfast? Adopt that kitten you've always wanted? If you answered "all of the above!" you may want to read this book -- you'll find a lot to love in the plucky narrator.
 We here at CHPL absolutely loved Julie Halpern's Into the Wild Nerd Yonder and have been waiting for this one! Miss Melissa says: "Any book that starts out in a mental institution sounds good to me!"
 We don't even know what this book is about, we just had to include it because it is the most awesome book cover EVER. (Just kidding, it's about a college student who loses his way after the death of his father -- until a foursome of adorable angels arrives, who will stop at nothing to help him achieve his DESTINY.)
 Goodreads reviewer #1 says: "This book was beautifully written. The ending will STUN you." Goodreads reviewer #2 says: "I hated everything about this book except the cover." This sophomore novel from Nova Ren Suma has been stirring up controversy since its release...which side will YOU take?