Staff Pick: Dear George Clooney, Please Marry My Mom

Violet's TV-director dad has traded a job in Vancouver for one in Los Angeles, their run-down house for a sleek ranch-style home complete with a pool, and, worst of all, Violet's mother for a trophy wife, a blonde actress named Jennica. Violet's younger sister reacts by bed-wetting, and her mother ping-pongs from one loser to another, searching for love. As for Violet, she gets angry in ways that are by turns infuriating, shocking, and hilarious.
When her mother takes up with the unfortunately named Dudley Wiener, Violet and her friend Phoebe decide that they need to take control. If Violet's mom can't pick a decent man herself, they will help her snag George Clooney. - from BarnesandNoble.com

The verdict: Fans of Georgia Nicholson’s hijinks will enjoy main character Violet’s wit and endearing (if not a bit self-centered) point of view. In fact, they might actually prefer her to Georgia – she’s less boy-crazy and more grounded. Even as Violet tries her best to intimidate her mother’s new boyfriend and meddle in her love life, she remains likable and even funny. Fun fact: Author Susin Nielsen was a writer for the classic Canadian series Degrassi Junior High!

Reviewed by: Melissa


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