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Staff Pick

Fat Vampire by Adam Rex

Ordinary high schooler Doug Lee had never imagined he'd be turned into a creature of the night. But if he'd had to, he definitely wouldn't have expected vampire life to be so unsatisfying. First of all, walking into the sun just makes him sunburned, not sparkly. Second, turning into a bat may sound like a cool way to make an exit, but for Doug it means leaving his clothes behind and waking up somewhere naked. Third, he's constantly thirsty for human blood, but finding a steady source of it in his suburban Pennsylvania town (well... a source that doesn't involve luring innocent girls to their death) is proving difficult. And to make matters worse, being immortal and unchanging means that he'll have to spend eternity in his chubby, awkward teenage body. But Doug's life is about to get even more complicated, because he's attracted the attention of a band of vampire "hunters" desperate to slay something -- anything -- and they're hot on his trail.

Judging this book by its cover (and the blurb on the back), I expected a quick, funny read that would take jabs at paranormal romance series like Twilight and The Vampire Diaries. But this book is more serious and dark than its title lets on. Fat Vampire definitely has a sense of humor, but it'll make you stop and think more than it'll make you laugh out loud.

Reviewed by: Melissa