Staff Pick: Graphic Novelist Rick Geary

Looking for the ultimate 90's throwback? I recently rediscovered Rick Geary's Treasury of Victorian Murder and Treasury of 20th Century Murder (originally published in the mid-to-late 90's) and I'm officially obsessed. Each book details the events of an unsolved murder or mystery -- from the famous Borden tragedy to the disappearance of the Lindbergh baby -- presenting just as many questions as it does answers. The black-and-white illustrations keep the books from being gratuitously gory... but make no mistake, this is some brutal stuff. Geary's style draws you in from the first panel, blending historical fiction, investigative journalism, and just a bit of comic book pulp.

The bottom line?

Pick it: if you like some veracity to your tales of true crime. Geary presents only the facts and refrains from exaggeration and unnecessary speculation.

Skip it: if you're looking for twist endings, ultra-violence, or sensationalism. The measured, almost clinical tone may be less compelling to some than others.

Pair with: The True Crime nonfiction series by Brenda Haugen, which picks up in the 20th century where Geary leaves off!

Reviewed by: Melissa