Teen Writing: Genre Mashups!

We challenged our Writer's Block members to imagine what happens when you play musical chairs with the biggest trends in YA Lit. After being given a random pairing of popular YA genres, the teens were instructed to write the summary that would be on the back of their hypothetical book. Here's just a sampling of what they came up with:

Coming of Age + Sherlock Holmes
Young Sherlocka Holmes just wants to be a normal teenage girl. However, she can't suppress her intense desire to solve mysteries! And after one too many run-ins with the police for investigating crimes, she's moving away. Away from her school, her friends, and everything she's ever know. However, when people begin mysteriously disappearing and ghosts are seen around her new town, it seems like Sherlocka just can't escape her detective side. And when questions arise about her family history, Sherlocka finally begins to uncover the mysteries behind the unusual town... and the mysteries within herself.
Written by Elizabeth P., age 15

Breakup novel + Outer space
Number 8376, known as Arsenie, has just about had it with her boyfriend. It's time to call it quits, but that's going to be difficult, considering they're about to embark on a three year journey through the universe, on a search for the last hope of saving their home planet. Three years. Together. On a spaceship. Not to mention she'll be dealing with asteroids, space creatures, and an annoying stowaway who just might have a crush on her would-be-ex-boyfriend. So a breakup isn't really in the cards right now. A story of adventure, discovery, and an arrogant fool who spends too much time looking in the mirror, Hormonal and Hopeless is a heart-warming tale of how much one girl can stand before pressing the self-eject button.
Written by Marissa C., age 16

Vampires + rural setting
Fifteen-year-old Abigail Perkins has just moved to Missouri after her parents' recent divorce. She is expecting small town life to be nothing like her glamorous one in New York City. She surely wasn't expecting to meet Damien, the mysterious boy who lives next door. Initially, she is intrigued by the strange things she notices about him. She wonders: why does she never see him during the day? Why did he refuse to accept her garlic bread on National Garlic Day? And why does he have a coffin in his house?! She's about to find out...
Written by Daria M., age 15

Fallen angels + High school dramedy
You know that singer with the "voice of an angel"? The popular starlet with an "angel face"? The charity founder with a seemingly "angelic" disposition? Well, heavenly attributes don't come free, and Shane wants his back. Kicked out of Heaven so that a rising celebrity could reach the height of their fame, Shane is miserable. Once a citizen of the sky, he has become just another pimply high school loser. He finds himself unable to bear life without his perfect hair, smooth skin, and angelic glow. Desperate, Shane uses the last of his heavenly abilities to enroll in the prestigious former high school of the wannabe star who stole his angel wings. Determined to reclaim what is rightfully his, he's about to find out that high school is hard -- but it's even harder when you're a fallen angel.
Written by Maya J, age 15


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Teen Review: Quarantine by Lex Thomas

When a virus that kills adult is quickly spread through a high school, a lockdown is enforced and students find themselves thrown into a fight for survival. Supplies are limited, and cliques quickly become gangs. The jocks rule the school, and the outcasts are left to fend for themselves. But if they work together, they just might be able to make it out alive.

Rating: 3 out of 5, "a good read"

Reviewed by: Marissa C., Age 16

This teen reviewer was able to read Quarantine months before it was released to the public, through Writer's Block ARC Review program!

ARCs (or Advance Reader Copies) are preview editions of soon-to-be-released books, which publishers send to libraries and reviewers to create buzz and entice them to order copies. At Writer's Block you can browse through the many ARCs we receive every month and even take one home as long as you agree to write a review! Writer's Block meets every other Wednesday from 6-7:30 PM. Register today!