Say what you really mean this Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day, NOISE readers!

We here at CHPL recognize that many Valentine's Day cards you find in the store can be overly sentimental or awkwardly suggestive in nature. It can be hard to find something that truly expresses your feelings for that special someone. Never fear -- we've found a few cards that get straight to the point (and let you keep your street cred -- bonus!)

For those who take a literal approach to things. From some ecards.

Any vampire lover (or Joss Whedon fan) would be smitten after receiving this one. From etsy seller FaithHopeTrick.

Lame puns AND Harry Potter? Be still, my heart! From Yenniper.

 For that special someone who you'd travel across time and space for. This is my personal favorite. From this tumblr.



Brittany said...

I LOVE the doctor who and especially the buffy one! Spike is a sex godXD

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