Shocking Revelations: A Short, Short Story by the Writers Block Crew

This story has it all: deception, underwear models, a cameo by the President... but I'm getting ahead of myself. This is what happens when 10 teen writers (and one teen librarian) create a story sentence by sentence. Behold:

A guy stuck in a nuclear facility with no escape was busy fixing the hole in his dress when...

his suicidal half-brother's cousin ran into the room with a knife!

The cousin's jaw dropped, and the knife slid from his hand.

"Merry Christmas to you too, RuPaul!" he screamed.

"Tyra, you're not kidding anyone anymore!"

But Tyra continued to spread the gospel of "smize" to wannabe Top Models all over the country.

However, the President decided that "smize" were to be deemed illegal because he could not make his own eyes smile.

This decision cause him to reminisce on his days as a model when he was fired due to the aforementioned inability to make his own eyes smile.

Whenever he tried, he ended up making other people's eyes smile instead of his own -- thus ending the President's underwear modeling career.

Depressed by this, he attempted to kill Harry Potter, but died when a rampaging Hyperbole [editor's note: inside joke.. you had to be there?] bit off his head, because everyone knows that Harry Potter WON'T FREAKING DIE.

Written by Mason W., Michael C., Marissa C., Gigi L., Patricia S., Sarah K. Ms. Melissa, Ambar S., Maya J., Sarah K., and Julia D.


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