Teen Tech Week: Short Story Tweets!

At Writer's Block this week, we talked Twitter and blogs. What is a blog? What kinds of blogs are out there? Why might an aspiring writer want to start one? Then we wrote some Short Story Tweets -- that is, short stories that are only 160 characters long. Needless to say, it was pretty difficult to write anything intelligible in so few words, but we tried our best! Here they are for your enjoyment:

By Maya J:
Yellow is a color. It is very bright. I had a yellow ball. It rolled out into the street. A car came. I was very scared. The man swerved and swore at me. Yellow.

By Gabrielle M:
Once upon a midnight (Wait! I can't use that. Damn Poe!) there was a girl, a girl who was prompted to write a 160 character story. She was unable, so this is it.

By T.J. S:
"Hello." No answer. The black door taunts me with its golden knob. I step closer, feeling a terrible revelation coming. Knock knock. "Hello." I say. Nothing.

By Savannah M:
Once upon a time, I had to write a really short story and I couldn't think of anything. I thought and thought and thought, but never came up with anything. So sad.

By Julia D:
The once was a unicorn name Bob. He lived in a kingdom under the sea. One day, a zombie came, and a fight ensued. Obviously, Bob won by using the power of rainbows. (OK, even though this one was over 160 characters I had to share it just for the Zombies vs. Unicorns reference!) 

Also by Maya J: Imagine you are sitting in a car. The car is not moving. Do you get out & push? Call for help? Yes? Wrong answer. There's a serial killer behind your car. Oops.

By Sarah K:
This is a pretty short story because it ends right here. (Well played, Sarah K. Well played.)


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