Teens Make NOISE: Book Withdrawal

by Patricia S.

After months of school, practice, homework, and getting home when the sun had gone down, I hardly had any time to read books. So you know that feeling of “Wow, I can’t put this book down! Just a couple more pages…” Yeah, I forgot what that felt like. So, I forgot what the last good book I read was. I even forgot what it felt like to open a good book. I opened up a novel and the first thoughts that popped into my mind were:

“Hey, the words in this novel aren’t too bad!”
“So this is what it feels like to read the first page of a book!”

During my time away from libraries and book stores, I hardly realized what I was missing. Then, upon entering the library and seeing the shelves lined with books, their pages and covers tempting me, I realized I was word-hungry. My mind was missing the euphoric feeling of being pulled into a story, and my eyes yearned to run over words and spend hours taking in stories.

After a couple months of book withdrawal, I’m ready to go back on the hunt for a good, captivating story.


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