Candy Wrapper Crafts

Feeling crafty? We're doing Candy Wrapper Découpage @ CHPL on Saturday, April 10 from 2PM-4PM! We'll have clay flower pots, framed mirrors, and more. Stop by and turn trash into a totally unique and conversation-starting trinket!

Check out these other crazy ways you can turn discarded candy wrappers into art:

[image source: http://bit.ly/9dLrLk]
Candy Wrapper chair!

[image source: http://jesssteinitz.blogspot.com/]
Candy Wrapper Wreath!

[image source:
Candy Wrapper Bracelets!
(I used to make these. Ahh, the memories.)

[image source: http://bit.ly/a8pozN]
Candy Wrapper ... Dress?
Er... it's pretty cool to look at, but seems like it'd be extremely uncomfortable.

[image source: http://bit.ly/4vw56U]
Candy Wrapper Purses -- these are ridic!

Who knew trash was so versatile?


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